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Blue Crystal Facial, Slimming and Spa Cebu Review

Blue Crystal Facial, Slimming and Spa Cebu Review Posted on August 23, 2018Leave a comment

Sinjin is a travel and lifestyle blogger. He is currently the president of Cebu's premier blogging organization, the Cebu Bloggers Society.

I am a vain person. I look at myself in the mirror every once in a while. At my age (mid 20s lol), my awareness of the importance of skin care is at its peak. The world we live in is quite harsh, and by harsh, I mean that there are harsh elements all around us that make our skin dirty, dry and tough. Good skin care can ease the effects of aging and the harmful environment, but let me ask you, can you be bothered by a multi-step skin care routine? Women, probably. Sorry, I do not intend to sound sexist, but in our fast-paced and demanding day-to-day, not many still have the time, patience and perseverance to take care of their skin before shuteye. For a time, I tried cleansing, toning and moisturizing, but I felt like I had too much chemicals on my face. I dropped that, and just washed my face with the basic – water and soap. And I would get facials when I could.

Last week, I tried a relatively new establishment, thanks to the recommendation of a friend, Kyrie. Located at the second floor of Queensland Manor condominium on Rahmann Street, Cebu City, the Cebu branch is the second branch and the first out-of-town branch of the Tagbilaran-based Blue Crystal Facial, Slimming and Spa. In Bohol, it has already been operational for six years, while in Cebu, it has been silently operating for almost a year now.

The facility is owned by Charity Young who has been in the beauty industry for 25 years. Upon entering the establishment, the first thing you’ll notice are the numerous certifications posted on the wall which showcase Ms. Young’s wealth of experience and expertise.

Blue Crystal Facial Cebu
Ivy and Rain of Blue Crystal Cebu

I was greeted by Ivy and Rain, the lovely staff of Blue Crystal Cebu. Working for an establishment that caters to beauty, they are very fitting ambassadresses as they have really clear skin.

The cover photo shows one of the rooms at Blue Crystal. They only have four rooms for their services – three of them for facials, while the remaining for other services for eyelashes, eyebrows, and other beauty and makeup services. The reason for such is so that the experience is as intimate as possible ensuring maximum satisfaction.

At this point, I couldn’t wait to have my face cleaned. I chose to experience the Oxygeneo. Rain was the aesthetician assigned to me.


At P2,500, the service includes the signature Blue Crystal Facial (one hour of facial, steaming, massage, blackhead and white head extraction) plus Oxygeneo, which is high pressure pure oxygen injection – with infusion of whitening and anti-aging serums for a youthful glow. All that plus free collagen vitafusion and photo treatment.

Let me take you through the whole procedure.

1. Cleansing Milk – Our session started with my face being washed using cleansing milk to remove dirt and impurities from the face. A facial massage followed.

2. Facial Scrub – Not all dirt is removed by cleansing alone, so we move on to scrubbing which removes deep-seated dirt. This step exfoliates the skin.

3. Steaming – Steaming is a staple in every facial. This step helps increase circulation in the face and opens up pores in preparation for pricking.

Blue Crystal Facial Cebu

4. Waxing – This was entirely new to me as I haven’t had any similar experience before. Nope, this isn’t the wax that will remove facial hair, but wax to remove blackheads and whiteheads. Heated wax was applied to the face, with focus on the T-zone (forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin). Paper strips were then laid against the wax and left to cool. When the strip was pulled away from my skin, I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of whiteheads removed from my face. They must’ve been by the dozens!

5. Cleansing Milk – Cleansing Milk was re-applied on my face. This time, a sonic facial cleansing brush was used to aid in removing what remained after waxing.

6. Pricking – I was most excited and anxious about this part. It has been a while since I last had a facial so I expected that a lot of zits had to be pricked. Surprisingly though, it didn’t take that long as most of the impurities were already removed during the waxing process. I would also like to commend Rain, as she had very gentle hands. I would often worry during this part because I have delicate skin, and I’ve had experiences before wherein the facialist had really heavy hands, which left me with really bad prick marks.

Blue Crystal Facial Spa Cebu

7. Oxygeneo – Oxygeneo is a relatively new machine, which is comprised of three methods: exfoliation, infusion and oxygenation. The exfoliation part gave a light stinging sensation on the face but it was bearable. It prepared my face to receive the nutrients during infusion where a whitening serum was applied on my face. Finally, pulsed pressure of pure oxygen was shot into the deepest layers of the skin. This part helps in the reduction of fine lines in the eye area, forehead and around the mouth. It also amplifies the collagen within the skin, for an overall smoother complexion.

8. Facial Mask

9. Collagen Vitafusion – Collagen Cream was applied on my face. A machine was then used to help my skin absorb the collagen.

10. Whitening Capsule – Contents of a whitening capsule were applied on my face.

11. Photo Treatment – Another machine was used to close the pores and minimize the redness after the whole process.

Blue Crystal Facial Spa Cebu
After the facial


The whole procedure took almost two hours. I immediately took a selfie after the facial, and I was really impressed with the results. Of course, there are prick marks, especially on my forehead, but they’d be gone in a day or two. I particularly liked that I saw instant results. My face was glowing, especially on the cheek area. I would usually hide in embarrassment and head straight home after a facial, but after my facial at Blue Crystal, I was confident enough to still attend a dinner function, and meet with friends at a coffee shop after.

I like that each step of the treatment was properly timed. Rain really had a timer with her so I was assured that everything was done right. Nothing felt hurried.

Having said that, I will definitely return to Blue Crystal and avail of the same service. Do check them out if you have time.

Blue Crystal Facial, Slimming, and Spa
2nd Level, Queensland Manor Condominium, Rahmann Street, Cebu City
Contact: 09992235399

P.S.: I planned to vlog this experience, but when the treatment was ongoing, I felt like I just wanted to relax and immerse myself into the experience. Sorry! 😉

DISCLOSURE: This experience was free of charge, in exchange of a truthful review based on my firsthand experience.

Sinjin is a travel and lifestyle blogger. He is currently the president of Cebu's premier blogging organization, the Cebu Bloggers Society.

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